What’s in Slice Fractions: School Edition?

Last week, we revealed the amazing new teaser video for Slice Fractions: School Edition.

Slice Fractions: School Edition is a fun problem solving game that leads student to intuitively and effectively learn fractions — the bottleneck of early math education. In this puzzling world, players must slice the right amount of ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path.

The game is the fruit of multiple years of research and development by Ululab with the help of math learning experts from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). It addresses critical Common Core Standards, such as Part-whole partitioning, Numerator / Denominator notation, Fraction equivalence, Fraction ordering and Fraction subtraction.

Based on the multiple award-winning original title, this game has been remastered to better answer teachers’ needs.

Slice Fractions: School Edition features:

– a smooth progression designed for kids who are new to fractions or who have not yet understood its basic concepts;
– an environment free of written instructions that lets students dive into math reasoning without being obstructed by their literacy level;
– a smart hinting system that helps struggling students;
90 innovative and fun physics puzzles;
– a highly engaging environment with adorable characters and funky hats rewards.

This amazing, high-impact game is coming to GlassLab Games in early February.

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