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What's in Slice Fractions: School Edition?

Last week, we revealed the amazing new teaser video for Slice Fractions: School Edition. Slice Fractions: School Edition is a fun problem solving game that leads student to intuitively and effectively learn fractions — the bottleneck of early math education.

Ululab's Slice Fractions is Coming to GlassLab Games!

Scared of fractions? Don’t be! Ululab’s Slice Fractions is the winner Editor’s Choice for the App Store and Children’s Technology Review, as well as Best Family Game for Indie Prize. It has also earned the title of Gold Medal Winner

Will GlassLab Become the 'STEAM' Engine for Educational Games?

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GlassLab Partners with Developers to Bring High-impact Games into the Classroom

GlassLab will offer a suite of technology services for learning game developers. Partners will use these services to enhance their games so that teachers can easily see where students need improvement and quickly personalize learning for each student. Beta partners

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