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Meet the Team: Math Snacks!

Why educational games? Researchers, game developers, and product marketers discuss their role in producing and distributing Game Over Gopher and other Math Snacks games and explain why they’ve partnered with GlassLab Game Services to distribute their games to classrooms. This


Meet the Team: Lori Stone, Development Manager!

GlassLab is an open, collaborative community of innovative educators, game designers, learning and assessment experts, passionate about enhancing learning outcomes in and out of the classroom. Our “Meet the Team” mini-series gives you a chance to get to know the


GlassLab Welcomes General Manager Jessica Lindl

Since its launch in summer 2012, GlassLab has been rounding up world-class talent to contribute to this first-of-its kind initiative to transform learning and assessment practices through digital games. The team currently boasts seasoned commercial game designers, savvy technologists, and

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