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GlassLab's Big Update is Here!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the new developer tools on GlassLab Games. The new dashboard, report builder, and content management system will go live December 2015! Are you a game or interactive experience developer excited to empower

New Research Reports on What Tools Help Teachers Use Games in Class

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New Pearson Report Navigates the Digital Ocean of Data

In a new report released today by Pearson, authors (and GlassLab scientists) Kristen DiCerbo and John Behrens argue that new technologies unleash a tidal wave of data that should fundamentally change the way we think about education, and break down

When the Stars Align: Connecting Game Play to Assessment

It almost seems too simple: you just play a game and all of a sudden you are learning and getting all kinds of feedback about what you know, what you can do, and what you should learn next. Of course,

GlassLab Publishes First White Paper

What will it take to realize the full potential of games to transform learning and assessment? How can scientists make sense of the endless stream of data generated by a digital game — everything from random mouse clicks to strategic

Measurement Principles in Games

This article by Kristen DiCerbo, Distinguished Learning Games Scientist at GlassLab, is cross-posted here from Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network blog. Institute of Play is today releasing a white paper called Psychometric Considerations in Game-based Assessment, a work led by

Visualizing Game Play for GlassLab

This article by Kristen DiCerbo, Assessment Data Scientist at GlassLab, is cross-posted here from Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network blog. I have previously written about my involvement in GlassLab, the Games Learning and Assessment Lab partnership between EA, Institute of

Impact Rules at the Games for Change Festival

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Games for Change, and at the three-day G4C festival this week in New York City, the mood was celebratory as ever as developers, designers, educators, researchers, and philanthropists gathered to applaud the most

Seeking Teachers To Pilot the SimCityEDU Game This Summer!

Are you a U.S.-based teacher interested in piloting GlassLab’s SimCityEDU game before it hits classrooms this fall? If your summer plans this year include working with middle school students in grades six through eight, read on! GlassLab is currently seeking

Math Teachers: GlassLab Needs You!

We’re serious about getting your expert advice! GlassLab is looking for feedback from middle school math teachers to help us design digital games and formative assessments that delight your students while meeting the demands of the Common Core. Participating teachers

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