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When the Stars Align: Connecting Game Play to Assessment

It almost seems too simple: you just play a game and all of a sudden you are learning and getting all kinds of feedback about what you know, what you can do, and what you should learn next. Of course,


Now Seeking: ELA Teachers

Calling all English Teachers! GlassLab is looking for feedback from middle school ELA teachers on digital games and formative assessments that delight your students while also meeting the demands of the Common Core. We are actively seeking teachers to have


GlassLab's Process: What We Learned from Teachers

Bringing together the very different practices of game and assessment design is an exercise in learning above all else – and no, the irony isn’t lost on us here at GlassLab. Much like the students we’re trying so hard to


Seeking Teachers To Pilot the SimCityEDU Game This Summer!

Are you a U.S.-based teacher interested in piloting GlassLab’s SimCityEDU game before it hits classrooms this fall? If your summer plans this year include working with middle school students in grades six through eight, read on! GlassLab is currently seeking


Math Teachers: GlassLab Needs You!

We’re serious about getting your expert advice! GlassLab is looking for feedback from middle school math teachers to help us design digital games and formative assessments that delight your students while meeting the demands of the Common Core. Participating teachers


Playtesting With the Best of Them: Insights from a 12-Year-Old

At some point in your career, people start asking you, “What’s the best part of your job?” I have always had a ready and easy answer for this: “Playtesting, with kids.” I’ve had the privilege of making many games for


Survey: What Do You Think About the SimCityEDU Lesson Plan Template?

Ready or not, here’s your first look at the SimCityEDU experience! GlassLab revealed a snapshot of the lesson plan template educators can use to create and share SimCity-based curriculum with the entire SimCityEDU community. When the beta site launches this


GlassLab's Prototype Put to the Test

Our hope at GlassLab is to be proven wrong as early as possible. That is why we recently took a field trip to ASCEND School in Oakland, CA. Our mission was to test our hypotheses around games, learning and assessment

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