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Developer Diaries: Meeting Learning Objectives

“Working with the design team, there was this group of people who normally wouldn’t be in the same room together – we came from very different backgrounds – took a little bit of time to learn how to work together

Developer Diaries: How Ideas Come to Life!

As many of you know, Game Over Gopher is the first of six high-quality, high-impact games made by leading game developers who are part of the GlassLab beta partner program. This engaging tower defense game teaches how to plot points

Developer Diaries: Game Over Gopher Product Development

Before working with GlassLab Services to create connections between in-game data and learning outcomes that enhance the value of digital games for educators and students, our first beta partner did extensive testing on core mathematics concepts that can be difficult

Math Snacks' Game Over Gopher Now Live on GlassLab Games!

Our beta partners are starting 2015 strong! Game Over Gopher has now joined the growing library of high-impact digital games on GlassLab Games. It is a fun and exciting tower defense game built around the coordinate grid. Funded by the

Will GlassLab Become the 'STEAM' Engine for Educational Games?

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