Seeking Teachers To Pilot the SimCityEDU Game This Summer!

Are you a U.S.-based teacher interested in piloting GlassLab’s SimCityEDU game before it hits classrooms this fall? If your summer plans this year include working with middle school students in grades six through eight, read on!

GlassLab is currently seeking enthusiastic teachers to facilitate youth playtesters and provide feedback on its forthcoming SimCityEDU game. Students will be working with a prototype of the game intended to teach lessons around human impact, pollution, and resource management. The prototype comes with Common Core-aligned ELA activities, and teaches students complex problem solving skills.

Teachers interested in the piloting opportunity should be involved in summer school, a summer program, or a related learning endeavor during the months of July and/or August. Students must have access to computers.

If you would like your classroom or program to be considered for the pilot this summer, please contact Seth Corrigan, GlassLab’s Director of Education and Evaluation, for details.

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