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Why educational games? Researchers, game developers, and product marketers discuss their role in producing and distributing Game Over Gopher and other Math Snacks games and explain why they’ve partnered with GlassLab Game Services to distribute their games to classrooms.

This amazing team developed Game Over Gopher, a tower defense game that enables students to better understand mathematics concepts that are crucial for 6th-grade math (and align with the Common Core Standards).

Funded by the National Science Foundation and developed by the Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University, Game Over Gopher is a game in the Math Snacks suite of interactive educational learning modules. Math Snacks are games, interactive modules and short animations intended to help learners better understand the concepts behind the mathematics content. They are not designed to replace instruction, but to supplement it by making math accessible and engaging. Key concepts are conveyed in creative, visual, and applied ways.

Game Over Gopher is the first of six high-quality, high-impact games made by leading game developers who are part of the GlassLab beta partner program. Check out the game, real-time reports, instructional resources and more on GlassLab Games!

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