Join the Newest Field Study for a Game on Proportional Reasoning!

Attention, innovative educators! GlassLab is excited to invite you to build your students’ critical thinking and proportional reasoning skills in our new game, Creature Caretaker!

About the Game

Creature Caretaker is a digital game that empowers students to explore and develop the skill of proportional reasoning. The nurturing puzzle strategy game helps students understand ratios and proportionality – critical concepts that 42% of math standards in grades 5-12 are dependent upon, but difficult to master.

How it Fits the Curriculum

Students receive instruction and feedback on finding unit rates and using proportional reasoning to keep their creatures happy. The game requires students to make careful decisions, based the ratios among how many creatures they have, what kind of food they eat, and where they can live. In addition to math content, students also learn valuable 21st century skills, including problem solving and critical thinking, through scaffolded play and continuous feedback.

Designed for Grades 5-8, Creature Caretaker can also be played by advanced younger students, or older students in need of review.

Field Study Participation Requirements at Glance

  • Grade levels: 5-8

  • Prerequisite skills for student participation: Basic understanding of multiplication and division

  • Total time commitment: 2.5-3.5 hours (about 30 minutes per session, 5-7 sessions)

  • Participation option: April 6-15, 2015

  • Technology needed: Chrome browser on PCs or Macs computers or laptops

You and your students can participate in the Creature Caretaker field study from April 6-17. The trial will require a total of 5-7 30-minute sessions of implementation, with 3-5 sessions reserved for gameplay and 1-2 sessions for surveys.

Your feedback is critical to helping improve the game and enhance learning outcomes! Participation in the field study comes at no financial cost to you or your students.

If you and your students are interested in participating, please send us your info as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the field study!

Thank you very much!

Warmest regards,
Your Friends at GlassLab

P.S. Not able to take part this time around, but still interested in participating? Please still send us your information, and we’re happy to reach out during the next phase of the game development process!

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