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Attention, innovative educators!

GlassLab is excited to invite you to build your students’ critical thinking and argumentation skills in Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy!

Argubot Academy is a digital game that introduces players to the power of argumentation. Players get instruction and feedback on creating sound arguments. As they learn to support claims with evidence, players come to anticipate critical questions and adapt their arguments!

Through the use of scaffolded play, feedback, and challenging STEM & ELA content, players will also learn valuable 21st century skills. The game has been designed for Grades 6-8, but has also had great success with upper elementary and early high school students! For more information, please check it out on!

You and your students can participate in the MGO field study any time between October 13th and November 15th. The trial will require 5 days of implementation, with 4 days reserved for gameplay and 1 day for surveys. Your feedback is critical to helping improve the game and enhance learning outcomes! Participation in the field study comes at no financial cost to you or your students.

If you and your students are interested in participating, please contact as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the field study!

Thank you very much!

Warmest Regards,
GlassLab Team

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