It’s the Greatest SimCityEDU Update Yet!


Hello Innovative Educators!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since we launched SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! Now available on Playfully, it has continued to encourage students to think critically about the challenges facing modern cities.

Today, we’d love to welcome you to our biggest update ever!

The new version of SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! includes:
– a new Competency Report
– a new Mission Progress Report
– a streamlined, continuous game experience with the “Go to Next Mission!” button

Please note that for these changes to take place, you will need to download and re-install SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

The changes have been made to further enhance your SimCityEDU experience on Playfully. This also means we’d love to hear your feedback through our helpdesk or social channels!

Best Regards,
Your Friends at GlassLab

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