Introducing GlassLab Game Services – Now Seeking Beta Partners!

More exciting news from yesterday’s Games for Change conference, where we also launched a new suite of services to help game developers increase the impact of learning games in schools.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s iCivics and developer Filament Games will use GlassLab Game Services for their popular civics game Argument Wars, which allows students to argue landmark Supreme Court cases.

In working with GlassLab, iCivics and Filament become the first to utilize this new suite of technology and services GlassLab provides to help game developers improve the transparency of the learning impact of their games and seamlessly get them into the hands of teachers and students.

GlassLab is now actively seeking beta partners for Game Services. Interested developers can reach out to Mat Frenz at

The market for learning games is currently a $2 billion industry, yet only a small fraction of those games actually make their way into classrooms, in large part because of significant barriers to entry into the U.S. school market.

iCivics and Filament Games have overcome many of these structural barriers. More than 63,000 teachers in a wide variety of classrooms have successfully implemented iCivics, and students using the program are more knowledgeable, engaged, and eager to participate in civic action and discussion. Argument Wars, released in 2010, has been played 2.5 million times by students across the country.

GlassLab Game Services gives learning game developers the tools to strengthen the games they produce in order to make an impact in the increasingly competitive American K-12 market by offering developers:

  • Proven distribution channels to reach more teachers and learners in schools;

  • Learning management services to integrate a game easily into a classroom;

  • Learning analytics engine to present actionable data to teachers and learners;

  • And reporting of learning progress aligned to key Common Core standards and 21st Century Skills.

Working with GlassLab will give developers exposure to a nationwide community of engaged students, teachers and designers that will allow them to cross-promote and market their games. GlassLab Game Services will also provide developers with tools to surface data that demonstrates the impact of their games on learning outcomes.

iCivics and Filament will partner to launch the alpha version of GlassLab Game Services in Fall of 2014. The partnership will provide iCivics and Filament with continuous, formative assessments in the widely adopted learning game, Argument Wars.

“As we look at the market for learning games now, only 17 percent of these games are forecasted to make it into classrooms. This new suite of tools and services will help game developers unlock the market, lower barriers to entry, and find a seamless pathway into schools where they can help kids learn,” said Jessica Lindl, General Manager at GlassLab. “We are excited to launch GlassLab Game Services with our partners at iCivics and Filament Games, established experts in the learning games community who can help us refine the service platform.”

“Civics is often taught in a way that does not allow students to actually apply their knowledge to solve problems. Game-based learning challenges students to learn, use, and retain information through play,” said Jeff Curley, Executive Director at iCivics. “In Argument Wars, players to take a side in a landmark case, weigh the arguments, and win the case by selecting the strongest possible support.”

“The game is already a powerful tool for learning,” adds Filament Games CEO Lee Wilson. “We hope that with GlassLab Game Services, we will also be able to tap its potential as a powerful tool for formative assessment and make it even more useful in a classroom setting.”

*Photo by Richard Carey (via Twitter)

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