GlassLab Publishes First White Paper

What will it take to realize the full potential of games to transform learning and assessment? How can scientists make sense of the endless stream of data generated by a digital game — everything from random mouse clicks to strategic choices in gameplay? How can this data help game designers build better challenges to improve learning outcomes? And how can experts in diverse fields come together to build and test new game-based assessments?

In a new white paper released today by Institute of Play, researchers explore these questions and more as they share findings from GlassLab’s adventures in building game-based assessments – beginning with SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!, which was released in November.

The white paper, “Psychometric Considerations in Game-Based Assessment,” is the first research publication from GlassLab, and was co-authored by researchers from ETS, EA, Pearson and Institute of Play. It offers a framework for integrating game design and assessment design that other researchers and developers can use to create game-based assessments that offer a richer understanding of the factors that affect student learning over time.

The full 160-page white paper and an Executive Summary are now available as a free downloadable PDFs. A print-on-demand version is coming soon.

To learn more about “Psychometrics in Game-Based Assessment” and other GlassLab research:

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