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Wuzzit Trouble is Coming to GlassLab Games!

Join the Wuzzit revolution! The Wuzzit™s need your help! In Wuzzit Trouble, your job is to free the lovable Wuzzit™s from the traps they’ve inadvertently wandered into inside the castle. Use your puzzle-solving skills to unlock the Wuzzit™s’ cages by

Developer Diaries: Meeting Learning Objectives

“Working with the design team, there was this group of people who normally wouldn’t be in the same room together – we came from very different backgrounds – took a little bit of time to learn how to work together

Meet the Team: Ululab!

Behind the woolly mammoth of Slice Fractions: School Edition, there is an owl, the animal of Ululab’s logo. This Canadian start-up based in Montreal was cofounded in 2012 by three friends: François Boucher-Genesse, Jean-Guillaume Dumont and Dany Joly. Meet the

Join the Newest Field Study for a Game on Proportional Reasoning!

Attention, innovative educators! GlassLab is excited to invite you to build your students’ critical thinking and proportional reasoning skills in our new game, Creature Caretaker! About the Game Creature Caretaker is a digital game that empowers students to explore and

Meet the Team: Math Snacks!

Why educational games? Researchers, game developers, and product marketers discuss their role in producing and distributing Game Over Gopher and other Math Snacks games and explain why they’ve partnered with GlassLab Game Services to distribute their games to classrooms. This

Developer Diaries: How Slice Fractions Helps Students Learn Complex Math Concepts

François Boucher-Genesse: Many teachers are faced with the hard task of teaching a really complex math concept to kids: fractions. Not only is it a hard concept to grasp, it is an essential building block for understanding algebra later on.

GlassLab Needs Local Playtesters!

Hello, innovative educators! As many of you know, there’s quite a number of projects GlassLab has in the pipeline for 2015. It is critical to have educators, students and researchers involved throughout every step of the game development process. In

Ululab Releases New Features Video for Slice Fractions: School Edition

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Ululab has just released a new video providing an overview of Slice Fractions: School Edition‘s key features. Check it out below! Slice Fractions: School Edition is a fun problem solving game that leads student to intuitively and

Developer Diaries: How Ideas Come to Life!

As many of you know, Game Over Gopher is the first of six high-quality, high-impact games made by leading game developers who are part of the GlassLab beta partner program. This engaging tower defense game teaches how to plot points

What's in Slice Fractions: School Edition?

Last week, we revealed the amazing new teaser video for Slice Fractions: School Edition. Slice Fractions: School Edition is a fun problem solving game that leads student to intuitively and effectively learn fractions — the bottleneck of early math education.

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