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GlassLab's Big Update is Here!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the new developer tools on GlassLab Games. The new dashboard, report builder, and content management system will go live December 2015! Are you a game or interactive experience developer excited to empower

How is learning design used in Ratio Rancher?

How is learning design used in Ratio Rancher, GlassLab’s newest nurturing puzzle/strategy game focused on ratios and proportional reasoning? Evan Rushton, our resident math whiz and Instructional Designer, does a deeper dive in this new video! Ratio Rancher helps build

How can educators use Ratio Rancher?

How can educators use Ratio Rancher, GlassLab’s newest nurturing puzzle/strategy game focused on ratios and proportional reasoning? Our lead research scientist of learning analytics, Seth Corrigan, helps provide an answer! Ratio Rancher helps build a conceptual and intuitive understanding of

Join Project Gemini, GlassLab's Newest Study on Collaborative Problem Solving

Attention, innovative educators! GlassLab is kicking off the summer season with a new field study on collaborative problem solving skills. Join Project Gemini! About the Game It’s time to design, create, tinker, and push the limits of your imagination! Build

Meet the Team: Schell Games

Along with some adorable water bears, here’s the Schell Games team involved in making Water Bears EDU. (front row from right): Jesse Schell, John DeRiggi, Jason Pratt, Francisco Souki, Dan Lin. (middle row from right): Danielle Belko, Greg Velichansky, Bonnie

How Water Bears EDU Can Help Educators

Water Bears EDU is a 3D puzzle game for the iPad®, designed to enhance systems thinking skills in middle school students. Systems thinking, or the understanding of the interdependency of related elements within the world or an organism, can be

Removing Negative Experiences for Math Students

Randy Weiner: BrainQuake sees math as a gateway subject — kids’ success in and attitudes toward math can have an enormous impact on the rest of their lives. Yet, unfortunately, despite decades of insight into this problem, very little has

Schell Games' Water Bears EDU is Coming to GlassLab Games!

How can mysterious tardigrades help your students learn how to think in systems? Water Bears EDU is a 3D puzzle game that gives students hands-on experience with Systems Thinking concepts. Each puzzle starts with a set of water bears that

What's in Wuzzit Trouble?

Wuzzit Trouble is the latest game to launch on GlassLab Games (if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here!). Your students will stretch their numerical, algebraic and algorithmic problem solving skills as they try to

The Learning Edge of Game Design

By Erin Hoffman, Game Design Lead at GlassLab I often tell game developers that I came to GlassLab because I believe that the worlds of learning and education represent the next leap forward in game design. My feelings are mixed:

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